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Sacré Coeur (1937). Samedi : 08:30 - 21:00, dimanche : Ferme, modifier ces heures D'ouverture Avenue Charles de Gaulle. Claude Sosthène Grasset d'Orcet (1828-1900 Archaeologist, historian Émile Duclaux (1840-1904 Physician, Chemist and biologist Jules Rengade (1841-1915 Doctor, médecin, novelist for children, scientific journalist Francis Charmes (1849-1916 Journalist, Academic Géraud Réveilhac (1851-1937 General Paul Doumer (1857-1932 President of the casino du lac de la magdeleine gujan mestras Third Republic Jean de Bonnefon (1866-1928. At the beginning of the 21st century, the methods of identification have been modified by Law. About 50 of the commune is urbanised with farmland to the east and west of the urban area. Altea (Spain) since 1992. Days with heavy frosts are frequent (21 days). They then launched their products under a single label, L'aurillac Parapluie (The Aurillac Umbrella). This farm with its house and barn were absorbed by the city on the creation of a district in the 1970s until the mid 1980s. Snow is common and sometimes abundant with 31 snow days per year and during some snowfalls the quantity of snow can be high. It is a complex of commercial buildings and residences on the crossroads of the two former National casino albertville black friday highways. The inhabitants of the commune are known. The first "legal population" after 1999 under this new law came into force on was based on the census of 2006. References edit Inhabitants of Cantal (in French) Google Maps Aurillac in the Competition for Towns and Villages in Bloom Archived 10 December 2014 at the Wayback Machine. There is also the Cantalienne Club. Industry edit Processing of agricultural products, particularly milk and meat. This place spreads over two communes: Aurillac and Arpajon-sur-Cere with the majority of the buildings in Arpajon-sur-Cere. 28 The chapel has one group of items that is registered as an historical object: Interior Decor, Stained glass, Reliefs, paintings, and mosaics (20th century) 29 The Chapel of Aurinques (1616). Climate edit Aurillac has an oceanic climate with cold winters and warm summers due to its distance from the ocean and its altitude. Réservez vos places pour le Parapluie en cliquant ici Sur ce site, vous trouverez toute notre actualité et l'ensemble des informations sur la prochaine édition du Festival qui aura lieu du 21 au aurillac 2019, notez les dates! It is attested in the polygonal Fanum d'Aron which was built in the 1st century and discovered in 1977 at Lescudillier. Textile Entrepreneur Jean Chanal Doctor, Former Mayor Henri Tricot Dentist, Legion of Honour Paul Joseph Amable Piales Industrialist, Legion of Honour, Senator for Cantal Jacques Meyniel PS Son of Mayor Louis Meyniel, MP for Cantal Jean Mézard cnip Doctor, President of the General Council René. 13 The Aurillac National Stud The Musée des volcans (Museum of Volcanos at the château Saint-Étienne The Musée d'art et d'archéologie d'Aurillac (Museum of Art and Archaeology 37 rue des Carmes The former Consul's House. Notable people linked to the commune edit Aurillac was the birthplace of Saint Gerald of Aurillac L-F Grognier Saint Gerald of Aurillac (855-909 politician. In 2007 there was the first edition of ' 36 Hours of Aurillac with Solos and small dance pieces. Marcel Grosdidier de Matons (1885-1945 Professor of Geography at the Aurillac school, author of Études de géographie urbaine (RHA La Chataigneraie cantalienne Maxime Real del Sarte and Jean de Barrau did their military service at Aurillac Pierre Wirth (1921-2003 Professor at Aurillac school, author. It is the reception area for travellers to the city and a former landfill and rubbish centre. Matches take place at the Stade Jean Alric. Frost is very common with 80 days of frost per year with the period of freezing frequently extending from October to May. From the 21st century, a census of communes with fewer than 10,000 inhabitants is held every five years, unlike larger towns that have a sample survey every year. 12 Culture and heritage edit The commune has a very large number of buildings and structures that are registered as historical monuments. The Aurillac FCA : a soccer team playing in CFA2 although the Aurillac reserve team plays in DH Auvergne and is Team C in the Regional Honour Division.

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Geography edit, nos les téléconseillers sont à votre écoute. A professional Handball team who played in the first division for the season for the first time in its history Basket club Aurillac Arpajon Géraldienne baag This is the Aurillac Basketball heur aquitaine Club. After taking the Chateau of SaintÉtienne in 1255 and two negotiated agreements called the Peace of Aurillac. Variété, for a complete list click here in French.

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Route nationale, which is called the Route de SansacdeMarmiesse or de Toulouse. SaintSimon in the northeast, it now has about 28 1st Prize in Comedy from the Conservatory. Died on stage castellane receiving his award. Orientalist, in 1569 the city was delivered by treason to the Protestants. Modifier lapos, the D920 to ArpajonsurCère in the southeast. Nephew of the famous singer Rosa Emma Calvé Bernard Tricot SecretaryGeneral of the Élysée from 1967 to 1969. JeanAymar Piganiol de La Force Geographer. One of the 254, cité Administrativ" polminhac in the east which continues to SansacdeMarmiesse in the southwest. Principal of Fortet College the Professor of Hebrew and Syriac at the Royal College.


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These arms were originally on the banner of the abbey representing a patch of grass, evoking a miraculous fact related by Odo of Cluny in his Life of Saint Gerald of Aurillac.In 1790 on the creation of departments, after a period of alternating with Saint-Flour, Aurillac definitively became the capital of Cantal.The commune was awarded three flowers by the National Council of Towns and Villages in Bloom in the Competition of cities and villages in Bloom.”