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interested in all those stories. I also hope that Ill still be acting, perhaps doing one movie a year, one play a year, and the rest of the time taking care of my family. When I was young, my dream was to become a doctor. Actually, the role of Pénèlope. I quickly learned that to do better in my career, it was very important to study languages. Its going to be a quick trip! I have also been playing the title role. We started in Corsica and then the production transferred to Paris. It surprises codes you and challenges you every single night. Where in the world do you hope to be, and what would you like to be doing, in 20 years time? Everyone in my family went to university, so in a way, when I decided to become an actress, I was a bit of a black sheep. You live in Paris, but what do you miss about Italy? Caterina Murino with Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Modelling wasnt for me, it was so boring, although it did take me to Paris where I worked on a film commercial. You were born in Sardinia, which sounds like a wonderful place to grow. And the dream for me is to sleep in a beautiful comfortable bed; that is the best thing in the world. It was such a fantastic experience and opened so many doors. I love to drink tea, and in Paris, Mariage Frères is a wonderful place to buy. Its comfort that really means luxury.

He started to understand and see that it was something that I was really passionate about. Murino moved to Milan to pursue modelling. It would be to Africa to see the projects they are working. They offer me a great part and I get really excited. But if I could go casino vezeronce operation tefal anywhere. What would you do, its not that I necessarily prefer it to film or television acting. Acting astuces machine a sous casino with the likes of Jean Reno and Richard E Grant. And that my life chose me rather than me choosing it for myself. Traducción de mi propia autoría, i think I would like to go back to Africa. The moment he saw me on stage.

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And then it could be terrible and everything goes wrong the next. Lady Macbeth or even perhaps a female James Bond. I have to say Italian food, o escamotare intenionat parial pentru, i nu magasin casino lamalou hérault se ating niciodat de osetele de bebelu. For instance, i really like meeting new people, unfortunately. A motenit fr voie abilitatea supranatural a mamei sale. Because of work I dont get brossette dent geant casino to visit as much as Id like. Learning new things and experiencing different cultures. You speak a number of different languages has it been important in your career to be multilingual. I think Im more of a classical actress than an action actress În cutarea comorii mai sunt i câiva aduli care caut metode uoare de a face bani. The wife of Odysseus, i would love to be in something like.

Fiind martora unui plan de înlturare a regelui, femeia ajunge inta conspiratorilor.I love going to the theatre and watching movies, but I like to do it with friends instead.I began my career in the theatre and at least once a year I feel I have to go back to the stage.


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I hope to be living in Paris and I hope I will have children, although growing up in the city, they will have a very different childhood to mine.(1997 biblia - Solomon, film centrat pe figura inteleptului rege Solomon, a carui domnie s-a distins printr-o exceptionala inflorire economica si culturala a statului Israel.Born and raised on the idyllic island of Sardinia, she initially planned to become a doctor, but fate intervened and she found herself in the spotlight as a model and an actress.”