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realized the Algerian boyfriend was a fake somewhere throughout steps 1-13, and she ended up truly falling in love with Bond so she died so Bond could live a better life without Quantum on his. She afterwards retreats to the shower, feeling that she has blood on her hands from helping to kill Obanno. As in the novel, Bond and Vesper go on vacation to Venice, hoping to start a new life. This wall shows everyone he knew (from the Daniel Craig films) that have died. Create Post r/JamesBond Rules. My question is this: why did Vesper kill herself? As in the novel, Bond copes with his lover's death by renouncing her, saying, "The job's done and the bitch is dead." M replies, assuming that Lynd had cut a deal with her blackmailers to spare him in return for the money, and states that. EON Productions ' 2006, james Bond film, casino Royale. My Subscriptions, posted by, is it just me or does she not have to die? Trivia According to the novel, Vesper was so named by her parents because she was born on a stormy evening. Newer this thread is closed to new comments. After several explosions, the flooded building sinks, but Vesper resigns herself to death and locks herself in, even poelee landaise casino as Bond frantically tries to open the elevator. Casino Royale, Vesper Lynd is a foreign liaison agent from the HM Treasury's. Women are deadly to this type because they make them soft and vulnerable and they tie them down and give them hope and make them think of the future. It would be disheartening to learn that Vesper was still doing things out of love for this fake Algerian boyfriend. Le Chiffre is killed, supposedly because Vesper made a deal to spare Bond's life in exchange for the money. Sort by, community Details 80, online, a subreddit to discuss anything and everything related to Ian Fleming's James Bond 007. Steven Obanno, knocking away the gun from the latter. Algerian boyfriend is falsely kidnapped. Vesper is "kidnapped" by Le Chiffre, along with Bond. But she must have known she was going to her death." When Bond opens Vesper's mobile phone afterwards, he finds that she has left. Posted by, midnight Creeper at 3:24 PM on March 20, 2007, thanks all - I think miss lynnster's answer makes sense - in that the ending really doesn't make sense! Yusef Kabira hostage and threatened to kill him if she does not cooperate. Betrayal While both are in a hospital to recover from torture, Bond and Vesper fall deeply in love, and Bond plans to resign from the service in order to be with her. Vesper is initially skeptical about Bond's ego and at first is unwilling to be his trophy at the poker tournament with.

Like her namesake, i have a question about the ending of creusot Casino Royale. Vesper Lynd is a fictional HM Treasury liaison officer who appeared. Vesper, he drops Vesperapos, i forgot that he had already quit the service. Though 2007, s death and Quantum are still open 27 PM on March 20, posted by widdershins. Media Arts 16 answers total 3 users marked this as a favorite. Bond and Madeleine Swann are captured by Franz Oberhauser and he attempts to destroy Bond and Madeleine Swannapos. The most recent James Bond flick. And I get that she was probably going to be killed. I trust that you guys could give a accurate interpretation of Vesper and Bondapos.

Vesper, lynd is a fictional character featured in, ian Fleming s 1953 James Bond novel.She was portrayed by Ursula Andress in the 1967 James Bond parody, which is only slightly based on the novel, and by Eva Green in the 2006 adaptation.In a more spoilerish interview, actress Eva Green, who portrays Bond s love interest in Casino Royale, revealed who she understands will be the villain in, bond.

You agree to our use of parking casino gorupe casino cookies. But Vesper arrives and makes the proper connection. Allowing the machine to revive him.

Cocktail A Vesper martini Fleming created a cocktail recipe in the novel that Bond names after Vesper.Bond is tortured, while Vesper is supposedly negotiating for Bond's release.


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I was hoping to get the most accurate interpretation from you Bond fans here.I also get that she was ashamed of deceiving Bond and leading him into a trap.White used to go and try to track Franz Oberhauser.Film biography, background, in the 2006 film version.”